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... stands for 'Megabenj' my first nickname on the web

Hi, my name is Benjamin and I'm a happy worker in the great city of Paris.
Art director since 2007, I currently work as a freelance, specialized in cosmetics and spirits.


I love my girlfriend of course, but also smooth and clean designs.
I always try to keep in mind this quote from Coco Chanel, and apply it to my work :
"With accessories, the most important thing is to always
remove the last one that was added."


If you want to know more about me, you should have a look at my works on Vimeo, follow me on instagram,
add me as a friend on facebook or, at least send me an email!
By the way, you can also download my resume, of course, I'm also on Linkedin.

Giorgio Armani Beauty

Art Direction
Director: Jaïr Sfez / Production: Players Paris

Perrier X Wild - Juan Travieso Limited Edition Collection

Creative Direction
Director: Lionel Deschamps / Production: Players Paris


Creative Direction & Brand Content
Director: Antoine Paï / Photograph: Pierre Chivoret / Production: Maison Carnot


Creative Direction & Brand Content
Shooting with influencers such as Marion Séclin, Margaux Avril, Stefan Tisseyre, Alix de Beer...
Director: Laurent Benhamou / Production: Bend


My professionnal art direction & movie showreel. Made with love at Mazarine You To You.

Roger & Gallet

Art Direction & Brand Content
Director: Hector Albouker / Photographs: Flavien Prioreau, Fiona Torre, Hugo Souchet, Valentin Fougeray / Production: B.O.X., Storner


Art Direction & Brand Content
Photograph: Davina Muller / Production: Players Paris

TV Ad & Website Keranove Oleo Color

Creative Direction
Director: Jeremy Charbit / Production: Starloo

Kiss Of Popsticks

Creative Direction
Director: Jeremy Charbit / Production: Starloo

Havana Club

Creative Direction & Brand Content
Photograph: Pierre Chivoret / Production: Maison Carnot