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... stands for 'Megabenj' my first nickname on the web

Hi, my name is Benjamin and I'm a happy worker in the great city of Paris.
As an art director, I work at You To You, specialized in the cosmetics and high-tech fields.


I love my girlfriend of course, but also smooth and clean designs.
I always try to keep in mind this quote from Coco Chanel, and apply it to my work :
"With accessories, the most important thing is to always
remove the last one that was added."


If you want to know more about me, you should follow me on twitter,add me as a friend
on facebookor, at least send me an email! By the way, you can also download my resume.
Of course, I'm also on Linkedin and Viadeo.

TV Ad & Website Keranove Oleo Color

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Personnal project, a street art map


We didn't won the competition this time... But our project was pretty cool, feel free to check out the demo version !

Code Of Duty

For Criteo, we created a recruiting code contest, the first Code Of Duty